Many brands have successfully partnered with famous people/ company to share their company’s story or would like to create an impressive exposure.

Yet you’ll need the proper strategy for execution, including finding the right team to advocate for your brand, identifying objectives for the takeover and promoting your social media content at all stages of the event. Here is another good catch and most probably one of the historical events we have even taken over through social media.  Talking about business High Profiles, a businessman from different kinds of business ventures, Our team have professional experience when it comes to white-collars, executives and all socialites around the corner.  Therefore, it was our great pleasure to represent and took over the social media accounts of CEO Clubs network Dubai which happens to be one of our major social media account handled. By far, The company has to be the most decent, civilized and proper to manage. We all agreed to that as we imply as one. CEO Clubs Network, by the way, is the World Largest Business Networking Club, an over three decade old by invitation only membership organization. CEO Clubs UAE exclusive members get connected with over 13,000 CEO’s & High Executives from all industries in UAE and Worldwide.  Yes you heard it! Worldwide.

On the day of the big event ” CEO Clubs Annual Gala associated with Muhammad Ali Perfume launch”  Ah-huh! Claimed it as historic and classic, because nothing beats Muhammad Ali’s famous sayings and ring matches since about decades ago.  The event was impressive and spectacular because it was surrounded by Professionals which by the means, CEO’s of Dubai’s high businesses.

Beautiful memories from The Muhammad Ali Perfumes launched at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai on 25 September 2017. Dubai Royal Members, Diplomats, other VIPs and Elite CEO Clubs Members attend this launching. The Muhammad Ali Perfume is a tribute to his charisma, commitment, and passion. Furthermore the Muhammad Ali Perfumes based on seven exclusive fragrances under two different lines “Legend” and “Legacy.” Each line has different scents named “Rounds” and comes with an original glass bottle shaped like a boxing glove. Moreover, it has a cap finished by hand with a leather lace. Each fragrance has its own coloured lace.



Our team equipped with smart move aimed to tell fans and followers what the story all was about, from capturing its live entrance, CEO Speeches, Muhammad Ali Launching till to fine dining experience was superb. The facebook lives and Instagram stories had accomplished engagement & awareness since then. If your campaign is successful, your brand likely will have a wealth of social data after the takeover ends. Metrics might include:

  • Broaden your network
  • Inject excitement
  • Boost engagement
  • Prompt action
  • Establish authenticity or authority
  • Educate members
  • Open dialogue
  • Borrow influence

Building this excitement takeovers by promoting it across multiple networks is such a powerful way of increasing awareness. and we nailed it yes!

If you want to know more about the exclusive clubs, please visit their facebook and instagram

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CEOClubsNetwork

Instagram : @ceoclubsnetwork


 We have been snap by the GULF NEWS anyway, It smells like success as it says. Need we say more?

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