Dr.Salahudeen Aboobacker,  one of our dental clients, was uncertain and is hesitant to enter the idea of having a strategic social media.  Until he trusted us, CyberADS as the developer of social media platforms facebook and Instagram  to create customized social media posts that help him stay connected with his patients.

Pearl Dental clinic who was before a quieter campaigner, suddenly jumps to the next level. By trusting and giving an extra level of effort in building a unique valentine campaign. The good catch and everything go with a timetable, it was very exciting because of the fact that it was this month of February, The time we always look for. of course love month, Who wouldn’t be infatuated by the surprises?  CyberADS with its full geared team made a creative Valentine campaign. Started with a strategic planning, We have made a few surveys and research on whats-on and whats-not to campaign for a dental clinic, as a result, behind a dental facility, they were fond of catfighting for a promotion, discounted treatment, couples OFF the price, a question-related campaign and so forth. However, cyberADS, doesn’t want much of like them thus, we have decided to take it to the other side, instead of giving the patients the discounted promotion or couples dental date offs. why not give them the best dental VIP Treatment?

How we strategize such?

Cyberads wanted to it to be catchy, giving the patients their most memorable dental service in their lifetime. the competition started a week ago before February 14 of 2018 to have plenty of time in preparation.

We have come up with an extravagant treatment not only in terms of dental professionalism but so does the hospitality. Yes, the prize for the winner includes a jampack surprises!

Valentines Campaign for PEARL DENTAL CLINIC

What:  Surprise 3 lucky winners on the day of valentines with a VIP Service. (Preferably ladies)

When: Feb 8 2018 – Feb 13 2018 (Sponsored running time)

Goals: We will offer something that’s valuable enough to get lots of people to participate and still relevant enough that actually attracts people from our target audience.

Prize:  Come up with a prize that ticks all those boxes. Creative and cost-effective.


VIP Ride to Pearl Dental Clinic (Collaborate to MTN Rent a car if possible)


Flower giveaway with Happy Valentines card (Will place this in the back seat of the car where she will sit)


A Basket of Dental hygiene such as floss, electric brush, mouthwash, and etc. (Instead of giving chocolates, we will promote how pearl dental cares about your dental hygiene, Our advocacy as one of the friendliest dental in town should be emphasized. )

Ideally, cyberADS, out of plan was to involved a car company, but with the team spontaneous mind setting. yes, we are very lucky to have tied up with a CAR RENTAL company in Dubai and approached them with such valentine competition. fortunately, they agree to support the pearl dental competition in equal to their exposure. The lucky winner had a pick and drop from their home to clinic as one of the VIP services. and guess what MTN Rent a car got for them? Rolls Royce ride on a Sheikh Zayed road! Hows that sound?




and it was a huge success indeed. After uniting as one with CyberADS, Dr.Salahudeen Aboobacker identified that cyberADS was the company he trusted and what he is looking for.

During the period of February 08, 2018 to February 14, 2018 we generated:


People Reached
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Congratulations Pearl Dental and MTN Rent a car for this successful collaboration campaign. We thank you, both for being such a generous and encouraging. You guyes rock! Till our next campaign.

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