Another Milestone for CyberADS and its strategic partner Secure Link Services ( Selise ) for creating a heartfelt video campaign for Virgin Mobile’s KSA Brand Friendi. SELISE is an international software firm specializing in driving business performance through strategy consulting, software development and content creation.

The team already made two huge campaign for FRIENDI Mobile in saudi arabia and has gained millions of organic views per videos.  The first video was released last September from Friendi Mobile KSA which has gone viral most especially to the Filipino community entitled “cassette”.  Our team come up with an indie-film kind of story with an emotional twist that we claimed to be a leading viral hit to Filipinos. and it did set a high rate of brand awareness. Congratulations Friendi Mobile KSA.

The story goes on with the real-life struggle of an OFW, Almost 1 million Filipinos are sacrificing their time being away from their family to work here in the United Arab Emirates.  Our objective was to give these one million OFWs the happiness and smile they deserve. Whatever problems and any difficulties, all will be wiped out once OFWs hear the voices of their family. They don’t need to record tapes anymore to remind their family how their voices sound like. We wanted to remind the world that there is a way to connect with our loved ones with an ease.

See full video here : https://www.facebook.com/FRiENDimobile.KSA/videos/1437317582971473/?fref=ts  

and the team made it a hit as we claimed. with this success, Friendi Mobile KSA stepped towards us once again.  The OFW “Cassette” was followed by another emotional video, by this time our team decided to use an Indian lead actor.  As we cross fingers while documenting the lives of an Indian nationality, We felt and lived for a moment. And we say, “Yes the struggle is real” no matter what is your nationality. The story started to attack our hearts that the Indian man longs for the love from his family. From working too much time, with a strict ambience, Uncomfortable nights of sleep, The Sickness he carries along the way and no one seems to care,  His struggle working abroad felt and got hook by various communities in KSA and all subparts of the country. Living apart from your family to sacrifice for their needs is something that anyone in this world would not dream of for the rest of life.

See full Video here : https://www.facebook.com/FRiENDimobile.KSA/videos/1480715675298330/  

Therefore,  The team sees a great and high potential for the idea of sharing real-life stories behind working abroad, and how still we remain connected to our loved ones. It has come with the storm and surprised to received a huge number of views as we directed our Indian video for Friendi Mobile KSA for the second time around.

The campaign was established to mind blown not only the particular targeted country but the people anywhere in the world to remind each and everyone regardless

how far or near you are to love ones. There will always be a way to connect.

CyberADS and Selise as one will continue to work and produce valuable short films to promote real-life situations to other brands. You say great! Now we say “We are ready to touch your market’s heart”.

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